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Academic Research

The Feinberg School is part of a research-intensive academic medical center that relies on the full spectrum of biomedical research to understand the fundamental causes of disease, advancing knowledge and exploring new possibilities that translate into better, safer care for patients everywhere.

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Clinical Trials

Feinberg School of Medicine

In the fight against human illness and disease, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine conducts clinical trials in many disciplines to study the safety and efficacy of new drugs, devices, and procedures to help diagnose, treat, prevent, and understand medical conditions.

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Northwestern Memorial Hospital

As a premier academic medical center, Northwestern Memorial and its collaborative partner Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine are committed to the advancement of healthcare through clinical innovation, medical education and scientific research.

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Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital

Patients at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital benefit from clinical trials being performed by our physicians in fields ranging from cardiology and oncology to diagnostic imaging.

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